Are you ready to feel


Yes, I know you're busy, but...

If I can do this, you can do this too.


No diet, no pills, no miracle...

It's just Real Food. Smart Choices.


Three Real Smart Health™ Tips

to jumpstart your path to better health and more energy!


If it's that simple...

Why is it so hard?

Changing habits with a busy schedule is tough, even more challenging doing it alone. That’s why I invite you to join me – Michele - a Certified Holistic Health Coach – for an exciting journey where you’ll learn how to conquer cravings, embrace healthy food and capture more energy to fuel and enjoy your busy life. As your coach, I’ll encourage you, keep you accountable and cheer you on as your biggest fan! Let’s do this!

I help busy people learn how to have more energy, feel better and naturally power their lives with

Real Food and Smart Choices.

How Can I Help You?

For Individuals + Groups

Are you ready to find balance & feel great? My coaching options are perfect for busy people who are sick of diets & ready for change.

For Wellness-Minded Business Professionals

Choose from two powerful health-focused workshops. These can be scheduled at your office, spa, gym or anywhere you'd like!

For Health Care Professionals

Educate and empower your patients to live healthier lives with a customized health and wellness program for your practice.


Client Love

“Michele has been a great motivator to help me lean into making healthier food choices. She has delicious and nutritious recipes that now my entire family enjoys.”

-Michele Lee Silverman