Three Green Smoothies That Don’t Taste GREEN!

October 16, 2018

Hard to believe a muffin-loving, coffee-drinking, gotta-have-a-carb for breakfast kind of girl would one day wake up excited to blend cups of raw green veggies and fruits and drink it, but here I am! If you’re reading this and thinking – oh, I could never do that I have to have my coffee – I say have both. I love coffee… I have coffee every morning followed by one of my green drinks.

But what about the muffin?!

A muffin is basically a cupcake without frosting. I know it goes well with the coffee, but it zaps your energy. Our goal is to boost your energy – that’s why I like loading my body with nutrient-dense food immediately when I wake up. Before my day really begins I’ve already had at least two cups of raw vegetables and lots of water. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to the muffin, that’s okay, keep doing what you’re doing and ADD in the green drink… you’ll be fuller than normal but the idea here is a concept I learned in school called “Crowding Out” – instead of fully replacing one item for another, we simply add-in the healthy item. Sometimes when we completely replace a food we crave, we can easily slip back into our old habits. Another way to do this is to eat half of what you were eating (the item you want to replace) and add in the new item. We’ll talk more about this in another blog post.

I promise you if you commit to a daily green drink with mostly veggies and some fruit, your body will begin to crave this healthy routine and you will reap the benefits of more energy and the overall feeling of doing something great for YOU before the day has even begun! Experiment with these recipes or create your own. Feel free to include a protein powder, just make sure it contains REAL ingredients and minimal sugar if any. Just like the crowding out concept – you might start off with more fruit than veggies and as you adjust you can cut back on the sweet fruit and add in more green and other veggies.

The hardest part of doing this is committing to doing this and setting yourself up for success. Take 20 minutes to get the ingredients ready for the entire week. You’ll be smiling in the morning when you can easily toss everything in the blender and in a minute have a powerful, energy-boosting drink to set you up for an awesome day!


Michele’s Favorite Green Drink

2 cup spinach
1 cucumber
½-1c frozen banana
¼-½c watermelon
½c almond milk/soymilk
water and ice
Optional: veggie protein powder

Most mornings this is my go-to smoothie. I’m calling it a smoothie but the way I blend it it’s more like a juice. It’s not thick. It’s soooo hydrating. Watermelon and cucumber are each more than 90% water and then I add other liquid and ice. When you’re hydrated, your entire body works better…I love that!

Berry Green Smoothie

1 cup spinach
½c of kale
handful of strawberries/blueberries
¼ green apple
fresh ginger – as much as you like!
Optional: protein powder

Tropical Green smoothie

Two cups spinach
½c cucumber
¼c frozen pineapple
¼c frozen or fresh mango
10 cashews or ¼ avocado
coconut water
Optional: protein powder

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